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Campobello di Mazara

Long stretches of fields of olive trees and vines mark the presence of Campobello di Mazara, where the countryside and agriculture have always played a big part in the history and livelihood of the town. Today the farm worker’s Museum has exhibitions showing the artefacts of these now-vanished ancient trades and agricultural traditions. However, Campobello owes its fame above all to the historical quarries of Cusa. From this extraordinary place the people of Selinunte extracted the materials needed for the construction of the columns that supported their temples. The Romans gave the name Campus Belli to the place where the battle between Segesta and Selinunte took place, in the district of Campana San Nicola, and it was later extended to the town itself. The town originated in 1618 when Don Giuseppe of Naples constructed two long lines of farmhouses near his castle and near where the present-day Via Garibaldi, Via Badiella and Viale Risogimento are. The Arabs disembarked at Capo Granitola in 827, thus beginning the conquest of Sicily. In 1893 a political party pre-dating the Fascists emerged in Campobello, presided over by Vito Denaro, with the firm intention of restoring the dignity of the workers trampled upon by the big landowners.


Local Government Offices Piazza Garibaldi, Palazzo Accardi, 91021 Campobello di Mazara (TP)

Telephone switchboard: 0924 933111

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Local police: 0924 933216 



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