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Mother Church

The Chiesa Madre, called the “Matrices,” is in the centre of the old Castellammare at the edge of the walled city. Perched on a spur of tuff rock, it soars about 25m above the sea.     The prince of Aragon and the Lord of Castellammare, Baldassare Naselli, started constructing it in 1726 with the intention of opening it for worship in January 1736. It is, however, believed that the church stands on the foundations of earlier buildings. It has a latin cross design and the aisles are divided by three square-shaped columns supporting round arches on each side.  Meanwhile the presbytery and the rest of the church are separated by two steps and a red marble bannister.   Dedicated to the Most Holy Lady of Succour, the church houses nine altars. 

Address  1, Via Galatioto, 91014 Castellammare del Golfo (TP)



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