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A dish of Arab origin, it becomes cuscus at Trapani and is different from that of the Maghreb since it is flavoured with an exquisite fish soup. It takes a long and hard time to prepare and it is done ritually taking back from mother to daughter over long generations. The flour is kneaded in grains with water with a specific trick of the hand called incocciata; it is then steam cooked in a special pan with holes made of glazed earthenware, called cuscusera. Its preparation also includes the couscous laying still under a cover for about an hour, but its speciality lies in the flavouring: a rich fish soup which is strictly a local product and, in more authentic versions, fried squid are laid over the couscous just before eating it. Trapani cuscus is listed among the traditional Sicilian agri-food products approved by the Ministry for Agricultural Policy.


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