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The Marsala

Many a restaurant will propose it to you to end a meal with a particular Trapani flavour. It is the historical Marsala, one of the most renowned liqueur wines in the world and the first to obtain a DOC certification in the province. The Marsala knows its origin to John Woodhouse, a British businessman who towards the end of the 1700s stopped at Trapani and tasted the wine produced in the area, which was matured in wooden casks. Woodhouse took along with him some barrels to England where he met with such success that he decided to put it on the market. To this very day the production of Marsala follows the classical soleras method. Already used in Portugal for port wine and in Spain for sherry, it consists in the laying out the oak barrels in cascading rows, filling only the upper layer with wine; then, a year later, a part of the wine passes into the casks at a lower level, while those in the upper row are refilled with new wine; when this procedure is repeated over the years, it prepares a final product consisting of grapes from different vintages and so enriched with several aromas.


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