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WI-FI Zone

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Discover how to navigate freely and without any cost ..


The Chamber of Commerce, provide in Trapani, the Regional Museum Agostino Pepoli and at the airport station V.zo Florio of Trapani, a WI-FI FREE allowing you to login for free for 120 minutes a day. Below the streets covered by our signal:

  • Street Italia

  • Square Scarlatti

  • Square  S. Agostino

  • Stree Argentieri

  • StreeSant’Agostino

  • Street Torrearsa

  • Street Ammiraglio Staiti (bording and cruise terminal)

  • Casina delle Palme

  • Street Vittorio Emanuele

  • Square Mercato del pesce

  • Street Garibaldi

  • Square Vittorio Emanuele

  • Street G.B. Fardella

  • Avanue Regina Elena

  • Airport V.zo Florio Trapani – Birgi

  • Regional Museum Agostino Pepoli


Accessing the free of charge WI-FI service is very simple

When you are in the covered ares by our signal, Search the hotspot named "Free Wi-fi" from network setting of your device.

flag  the hotspot and in few seconds it will open the login page,

for free access you should ask the Ticket Card with user and password in the stores who show the sticker TPK POINT.





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